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Brief Introduction of Rock and Mineral Analysis


1 Organization of the Editorial Committee         

      Rock and Mineral Analysis (in Website: http://www.ykcs.ac.cn) is one of Chinese Core Journals, Chinese Technical Core Journals, and Chinese Journal Square.  She  started its publication in 1982, is an official journal of China Association for Science and Technology as competent authorities, and sponsored by Technical Commission on Rock and Mineral Analysis, Geological Society of China and National Research Center for Geoanalysis (NRCGA, in Website: http://nrcga.cags.ac.cn/). The editor-in-chief is Prof. LUO Liqiang, who is the associate chairman of NRCGA. The academic consultants consist of 6 prominent professors from home and abroad, such as Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. WANG Erkang from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Prof. YU Ruqin from Hunan University. The Editorial Board consists of 77 professors and experts from the departments of national geological analysis and research institutes of well-known universities, Chinese Academy of Sciences, The Ministry of Land and Resources. Readers of Rock and Mineral Analysis are supposed to be mainly those involved in scientific research on geology, metallurgy, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical engineering, coal, etc. with higher education.

      It is published bimonthly with 120 pages in each issue and 6 issues in one year. The each paper carries the full content with Title, Authors, Abstracts, Key Words, Figures, Tables and References in Chinese and English according to the international academic periodical standards format. Especially, the English Abstract of paper is reviewed and modified by Prof. YANG Gang from the Department of Geosciences, Colorado State University and Ms. Lesley M. Egden from McMaster University, Canada. The papers published in Rock and Mineral Analysis must be reviewed by at least two members of the editorial committee or experts. There are 3 professional Executive Editors with high responsibility and abundant experience in academic field and editorial sciences, among them 1 is the vice editor-in-chief with Master degree, and 1 with Doctor degree and 1 with Bachelor degree.


2 Cited by Foreign and Chinese Database

      Rock and Mineral Analysis is cited by 19 foreign and Chinese databases. The abroad databases include Chemical Abstracts (CA), Cambridge Science Abstracts (CSA), Ulrich's Periodicals Directory of USA, Abstracts Journal (РЖ), Analytical Abstracts (AA), Mass Spectrometry Bulletin Supplement of Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), Index of Copurnicus. Chinese databases include Current Bulletin on Science Technology (CBST), Chinese Scientific Literature Database, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), China Science and Technology Journal Database (CSTJ), Chinese Electronic Periodical Services (CEPS), Database of Chinese Academic Journals, Database of Names of the Titles of Chinese Scientific Journals, and also on.


3 Chinese Impact Factor

      On December 2, 2011, the recent statistics data inculding Impact Factor and Citation Rate were published in  China Science and Technology Journal Database (CSTJ). The Impact Factor of Rock and Mineral Analysis is 1.280 with high total citation rate, ranked No.61 in 1998 Chinese Technical Core Journals in 2010 year, ranked No.8 in 32 Geological Scientific Journals, and ranked No.1 in 88 Chinese Mining Engineering journals. It won the ‘National Prize for Chinese Journals’ in 1990s and the prize honored by The Ministry of Land and Resources.

     The papers published in Rock and Mineral Analysis are not only the latest and important research results of rock, mineral and other samples obtained by advanced analytical instruments including ICP-MS, GC-MS, HPLC-MS, but also by classic chemical analysis methods such as spectrophotometry and tritimetry, and the papers are from environmental assessment and geological chemistry. According to relative statistics, about 70% of papers published in Rock and Mineral Analysis are supported by the central government, province or the ministry (Natural Science Foundation, National 973 Foundation, National 863 Foundation, the 12th Five-year Plan Foundation, Provincial and Ministerial Foundations). These papers can represent the development tendency of the Chinese geoanalysis and may pay an important role in international academic exchange.