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Ranking of the papers with high impact

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20010472 Precise Re-Os Dating for Molybdenite by ID-NTIMS with Carius Tube Sample Preparation DU An dao 1,ZHAO Dun min 2,WANG Shu xian 1,SUN De zhong 1,LIU Dun yi 2 2001,(4):247-252 8026
20030467 Highly Precise Re-Os Dating of Molybdenite by ICP-MS with Carius Tube Sample Digestion 屈文俊,杜安道 2003,(4):254-257262 7520
19990488 Fast Determination of Platinum Group Elements and Gold in Geological Samples by ICP MS QI Liang,HU Jing 1999,(4):267-270 7304
20000109 Study on Characteristics of Heavy Metal Species in the Soils Near the Tailings WANG Ya ping 1,BAO Zheng yu 2,HOU Shu en 2 2000,(1):7-13 6486
20090109 Progress and Prospect on Geoanalytical Techniques in China YIN Ming 2009,28(1):37-52 6346
20010113 Determination of Heavy Metal Contents in the Sediments from Taihu Lake and Its Environmental Significance ZHANG Yu ping 1,QU Wen chuan 2 2001,(1):34-36 6049
20090116 Determination of Silicon in Aqueous Suspensions 德国耶拿分析仪器股份公司中国总部 2009,28(1):文后I-0 5874
20090115 Determination of High-content Sulfur in Ores by Infrared CarbonSulfur Analyzer ZHUANG Ai-chun and XIAO Hong-xin 2009,28(1):79-80 5820
20090518 Determination of Co, Cr, Cu, Mo, Ni, Pb, Sn, W, Y and Zn in Molybdenum Ores by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Specrometry ZHAO Qingling,LI Qingcai and GAO Yuhua 2009,28(5):488-490 5700
20090520 Determination of Tungsten and Molybdenum in Geochemical Exploration Samples by Modified Polarography JIA Yuping,WANG Xiangling and XIAO Jianping 2009,28(5):494-496 5455
20090101 Determination of Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Ratios in Water Samples by GasBench Ⅱ-IRMS Using Aqua Equilibration Technique SUN Qing,WANG Xiao-hua,SHI Li-ming,LIU Mei-mei and CHU Guo-qiang 2009,28(1):1-4 5306
19850482 对泥炭容重测定的建议兼论干容重计算公式的应用问题 姚宗虞 1985,(4):355-356 5286
20130131 2012年1998种中国科技核心期刊影响因子100名排行表 编辑部 2013,32(1):180-180 5116
20090112 Simultaneous Determination of Micro-amount of Elements in Industrial Silicon by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry SHA Yan-mei 2009,28(1):72-74 5108
20020103 Determination of Platinum Group Elements and Gold in Geochemical ExplorationSamples by Nickel Sulfide Fire Assay-ICPMS 吕彩芬 张勤 等 2002,(1):7-11 4940
20090103 Bioavailability and Speciation Analysis of Heavy Metals in Textile Dyeing Sludge LI Xiao-ge,PAN Jing,XI Dan-li  and YANG Ming 2009,28(1):10-14 4685
20090620 Rapid Determination of Lead, Zinc and Copper in Iron Ores by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry YU Qing,CHEN Hehai,ZHANG Aizhen and WANG Baogang 2009,28(6):598-599 4316
20110122 Laboratory Information Management System in National Research Center for Geoanalysis LUO Dai-hong,WU Shu-qi,WU Xiao-jun,GAN Lu,DENG Yue-jin,WEN Hong-li,HANG Hui-ming and Lü Cai-fen 2011,30(1):110-115 4277
20090108 A Brief Introduction of Laboratory Information Management System Used in Geoanalytical Laboratory ZHANG Pei-xin,ZHOU Kang-min,GAO Xiao-li,HU Ying-quan and WANG Bing 2009,28(1):32-36 4253
199104108 铊—硫氰酸盐—乙基紫高灵敏显色反应及应用研究 Li Zubi 1991,(4):306-309 4196