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ABAYDULLA Alimjan,CHENG Chun-Ying.Non-metallic Element Composition Analysis of Non-ferrous Metal Ores from Oytagh Town, Xinjiang[J].Rock and Mineral Analysis,2014,33(1):44-50
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Non-metallic Element Composition Analysis of Non-ferrous Metal Ores from Oytagh Town, Xinjiang
Received:May 03, 2013  Revised:June 09, 2013
Key words: Oytagh Town, Xinjiang  colored ores  non-metallic elements  composition analysis
Author NameAffiliation
ABAYDULLA Alimjan Department of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, Kashgar Teachers College, Kashgar 844006, China 
CHENG Chun-Ying College of Chemistry, Nankai University, Tianjin 300071, China 
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      Determination and analysis of ore samples focuses more on metal ions rather than anions at present. However, the study of anions and their formation in ore samples is of great significance for understanding the composition, genesis and occurrence states of metal ions. Anions in non-ferrous ore materials from Oytagh Town, Akto County, Xinjiang have been studied by means of Infrared Spectroscopy, X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Thermo Gravimetric Analysis to investigate metallogenic conditions and regularity as well as further exploration, development and utilization of mineral resources in Xinjiang. The results show that the non-metallic elements of H, C, O and Si in ores occur in forms of anions like —C—O, C═O, Si—O—C and Si—O, and form γ-Al2O3, CaO·SiO2, MgCO3 and CaCO3 compounds with major metallic elements of Mg, Al and Ca. After being calcined to 900℃, water was removed and MgCO3 was decomposed in the ores, but not CaCO3. The decomposition product MgO reacted with Si—O to form MgO·SiO2, which indicates that the ores dominantly consist of carbonates and silicates (mixed ores with dolomite characteristics). This study provides a theoretical basis for mineral processing, mine assessment, plant designation and designation of new processes and equipment.